Concrete leveling in North California

What is the leveling of concrete with the help of polyurethane foam?

The technology of leveling concrete with polyurethane foam has gained the greatest popularity over the past few years. Our company effectively uses polyurethane foam not only for insulation purposes but also successfully introduces this raw material into improving the external and internal properties of concrete. We have entirely abandoned the outdated techniques of leveling surfaces using natural soil or crushed limestone.

Why? Everything is simple.

This is the fastest and most effective way to lift and stabilize sagging concrete. Because the polyurethane foam used is a light and durable material, it can lift concrete slabs without increasing the weight of the soil under them. It is also waterproof and, as a result, does not wash out over time and does not sag. However, the most important thing is that polyurethane foam is environmentally safe and does not cause chemical contamination of the soil.

If you choose this method of leveling concrete, you will create a stable environment not only in the slabs but also compact the soil around them. The result is that your paths, terraces, the foundation of the house will be smooth, safe, and look great for many years.

Areas of application of polyurethane foam for leveling concrete

We use polyurethane foam for the reconstruction of:

terraces – the structural integrity of concrete structures may be violated over time. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the concrete slab promptly by injection of polyurethane foam. Thus, you will ensure 100% safety for your family, pets, and guests; 

driveways – we cope with all the problems of subsidence of concrete paths, eliminating chips, cracks, bends;

concrete decking near swimming pools – cracks and flaws on these surfaces are extremely dangerous for your health. Therefore, our company takes care of the maintenance of the concrete flooring near the swimming pools in good condition and gives your families reliable protection;

concrete sidewalks – we save your time, money and relieve stress by leveling the sidewalk for many years to come;

foundation – we take confident steps to solve various problems with the repair of a concrete foundation.

Why does USASPRAYME recommend its customers the leveling of concrete surfaces with polyurethane foam?

We have compared several techniques: the use of limestone mortar or polyurethane foam, and our long-term experience has proven a number of advantages of the latter:

1. Fast result

it reaches the final strength and withstands the required weight in 15 minutes. This factor is mostly in demand in those projects that are located in an area with heavy traffic

2. Light-Weight

it weighs 4-6 pounds per cubic foot when installed. This figure is 120 pounds per cubic foot less than using limestone mortar as a filling material.

3. Workplace cleanliness

foam leveling is a cleaner process than working with limestone mortar.

4. Waterproof

it does not wash out and is not affected by freezing and thawing cycles.

5. High-precision lifting of the material

the reaction time of the foam ensures a targeted lifting operation.

6. Environmental friendliness

polyurethane foam does not react with the soil and does not emit harmful chemicals.


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