Blown insulation in North California

Blown insulation

Blown insulation is a technology of blowing a mass of material into the technological cavities of floors/walls/attics, as well as doors, window structures, and cable/pipe laying holes.

Blown insulation in operation

Blown insulation is used by performing free blowing on the surface. There are several effective ways to apply insulation to the floors/walls/attic floors of houses in practice. 

When performing insulation in an impenetrable wall or on the attic floor, loose material is often used – it is blown with cellulose insulation. Also, blown fiberglass is used in a similar working process.

In any case, if you are faced with the task of correctly filling uneven walls, ceilings, attics in order to reduce energy consumption and create a comfortable microclimate in the house, then it is optimal to seek the help of professionals.

The company “USASPRAYME” employs experts with extensive practical experience in the field of waterproofing and insulation of houses. We take on each project regardless of the complexity and perform it on a turnkey basis. We provide warranty obligations for all types of services provided.

Our team of specialists uses proven materials coming from trusted suppliers. We regularly study the service issues provided to keep the top bar in the niche of waterproofing and insulation of residential and non-residential objects. We offer affordable prices without excessive overpayments.

Advantages of cellulose insulation:

  • free-structure cellulose intended for filling is equal to the approximate value of R 3.5 per 1 inch of the thickness indicator;
  • insulated cellulose insulation can settle over time, which corresponds to many obstacles that are found in attics or in walls;
  • cellulose insulation has good resistance to harmful insects since it is treated with unique safe compounds on the production line;
  • If the walls are closed, loose cellulose insulation is the optimal and inexpensive way to add insulation.

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