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Save up to 45% on electricity with sprayed closed-cell foam insulation services from «USA Spray Me»

The company «USA Spray Me» provides insulation services using high-performance materials made of sprayed foam. We strive to raise the bar for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction.


Closed-cell spray foam insulation is one of the most effective and highly sought insulating materials, with an R-value of about 6.0-7.14 / inches.

The name “closed-cell” comes from the structure of the ready insulation material. One cubic inch of polyurethane foam insulation contains millions of tiny plastic closed cells filled with a foaming agent that does not destroy the ozone layer. The closed-pore foam preserves the integrity of the bubbles, creating complete air, water, and steam sealing properties.

Applications of closed-cell insulation

Long service life

Closed-cell foam cures into a solid bit with high insulating properties, and helps support the entire structure if needed.

Although there is also open-cell insulation, closed-cell foam is the best one. When solidified, it contains many separate gas cells that slow the movement of heat through it.

Due to the solidified material’s dense structure, they use this technology to insulate roofs, walls, floors of residential houses, commercial and industrial buildings, vehicles, and equipment. Also, closed-cell foam can be exposed to water without absorbing it, making the technology especially useful for the roadbed’s foundation.

Seven advantages of closed-cell foam insulation

1. Savings

closed-cell foam insulation systems, when properly installed, reduce energy costs by up to 45%.

2. Nature protection

the foaming agent does not destroy the Earth’s ozone layer.

3. Water resistance

100% closed-cell foam insulation repels incoming water from outside. This property prevents the growth of mold and bacteria.

4. Noise insulation

compared to traditional insulation forms, this technology allows 75% less noise to pass through.

5. Heat insulation

the closed-cell spray foam has a high conduction coefficient, which provides an effective air leakage barrier. The result is a much lower thermal conductivity.

6. Reinforcement of the structure

Reinforcement of the structure increases the insulated object’s strength properties, improving the structure’s load-bearing capacity. It is due to the high rigidity of the hardened closed-cell material.

7. Versatility

this technology is applicable in the building of various constructions


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Closed-cell insulation or other technology, which to choose?

Any insulation, including insulation made of sprayed closed-cell foam, should be installed by professionals. Our assemblers are qualified in the correct application of foam and are competent in selecting the appropriate insulation technology.

Assemblers must obligatory survey before starting work. It usually involves calculating the U-value and calculating the condensation risk. It shows how good the structure is insulated (a lower U-value means better insulation). If any problems are detected, the staff takes the necessary measures to prevent them. They also use special software to calculate the required thickness of the sprayed foam.

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Closed-cell insulationGlass thermal insulationCellulose insulation
How does it work?The sprayed polyurethane foam acts as a barrier between the house and the environment, creating a seal that can fit any architectural project.It traps air inside tiny glass fibers containing small air bubbles, which slows down heat transfer.Paper made of shredded newspaper and fire-retardant breaks down into cellular fibers.
Does it seal the air inside the house?YesNoNo
Installation methodThe sprayable foam with a certified aerosol applicator can adapt to any construction design.It must be folded, wrapped, and cut to insulate the walls. The process can be complicated if there are high or inclined ceilings and wall plugs.Cellulose insulation is blown into the walls. The material requires a small amount of water and glue to fasten.
R-value6-6.6 per inch2.2 per inch; loses up to 50% of R-value if the material becomes wet.3.5-3.8 per inch
Energy efficiencyThe most effective.The least effective.The method is inefficient for complete isolation of the room.
Cold/ hot performanceIt has excellent thermal properties and is a sealant for your house. It keeps the room warm and air-conditioned all year round.It does not keep heat well. It loses 40% of the insulation capacity when the outside air temperature is below 5°.It does not seal the room completely, so the air from outside penetrates through small insulation holes.

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