Metal treatment by refractory spraying

Metal treatment by refractory spraying is a labor-intensive process that requires strict compliance with modern technologies. Fire-retardant special treatment of metal structures is carried out to ensure the maximum level of protection of elements from damage when exposed to high temperatures.

Certain standards exist for the metal treatment of buildings for various purposes. The main requirements for the protection of metal structures are represented by the following factors:
  • fire resistance level;
  • the time period during which the processed elements withstand elevated temperatures without collapsing or deforming at the same time.

What elements are subject to mandatory refractory spraying treatment?

  • Reinforced concrete partitions.
  • Stair flights.
  • Kerchiefs/stair runs.
  • Support columns.

USASPRAYME specialists will provide you with a detailed consultation upon your request, answer your questions and take your request to work. We offer affordable prices and long-term warranties for the fire treatment of metal structures

The choice of effective technology

The working process uses a refractory chemical composition that contributes to the creation of a reliable heat-insulating layer, and at the same time prevents the deformation of metal elements during a fire.

Affordable and effective in action is the treatment of parts with varnishes/impregnations/paints or plaster/paste. But in the second case, the material can add weight to the elements, which is not acceptable in all cases.

Varnishes and paints allow you to create a protection maximum level. The average fire resistance is 1-1.5 hours. If this limit needs to be increased, then our specialists use complex solutions in practice, for example, the simultaneous application of paint and plaster, which ultimately allows increasing the level of fire resistance to 2.5-3 hours.

The frequency of fire protection works, which are carried out at a high professional level, is carried out approximately once every 20-25 years. Therefore, you need to contact experienced professionals. In our work, we adhere to the current standards for fire-retardant coatings for residential and commercial premises.

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