Sound insulation by spraying foaming polymers in North California

Sound insulation by spraying foaming polymers

Sound insulation is an integral element of residential, office, and industrial buildings.

The technologies offered

The technologies offered by our company for applying foaming cellular polymers provide reliable sound absorption, not allowing noise from the street or from working equipment to penetrate an isolated room. No matter what technology you choose:
  • Mineral wood;
  • Cellulose;
  • Open cell

– a habitable room or an office will be additionally protected from temperature changes and high humidity.

The essence of the method is to spray liquid components on the surface of the walls, ceiling, and/or floor. The components are mixed and enter into a chemical reaction, forming a foamed insulation layer on the surface.

Scope of application

Foaming sound-absorbing materials are used if it is necessary to ensure a noise level in the room that does not exceed the established norms, depending on the purpose of the object. For example

For office premises where employees are engaged in intellectual work (accounting, economists, managers)Within 50 dB
In apartments, at nightNo more than 30 dB
In special laboratoriesUp to 0 dB

The choice of polymer application technology depends on the conditions of the location and operation of the building and is performed based on calculations. Isolation from increased noise is mandatory for:

  • residential buildings located in the vicinity of urban highways and industrial facilities;
  • medical institutions, museums, archives, and other facilities that require special indoor conditions;
  • administrative and office premises located on the territory of industrial enterprises;
  • special scientific and industrial facilities that require strict silence conditions (testing laboratories, production sites for microelectronics components, etc.).


The coating technology and thickness are selected depending on the material applied with a sound-absorbing layer and the need to provide heat and moisture insulation

Why should you choose us?

The technologies we offer for applying a foaming sound-absorbing layer have several significant advantages:

  • insignificant coating thickness;
  • strength;
  • the coating hides construction defects;
  • due to a single application, it is possible to obtain both heat and moisture insulation at the same time;
  • durability – it does not break down over time and does not lose its properties;
  • it does not require high installation costs.

Compared with other materials, it has a high noise absorption coefficient.

pumice stone, granulated mineral woolfoamed polymers, mineral woolfelt, glass, basalt wool
0,50,5 – 0,80,7 – 0,95


Considering the minimum thickness of the coating and additional insulating properties, we offer the following technologies: Polyurethane systems, Spray-in-Place Foam, and Closed-cell spray which are significantly ahead of competitors.

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