Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing in North California

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing

Polyurethane has been increasingly used during the installation and repair of the roof in recent years. Due to this, the work is carried out quickly, and you get an almost seamless coating with a good level of waterproofing.

The polyurethane roofing material is made up of polyester compounds with the addition of modern types of fillers (plasticizers). The experienced craftsmen of the Company “USASPRAYME” can install the spray foam roofing quickly and easily.

Features of installation of the polyurethane roofing

The installation or repair of a sprayed roof is very labor-intensive. It requires professional knowledge and the use of special equipment and tools. 

The thickness of the polyurethane coating depends on the roof load. Before laying, you must thoroughly clean the roof surface (you need to remove cracks, dirt, and dust). 

This preliminary stage is performed to prevent cracking. The tight fit characterizes polyurethane.

Then our specialists prepare the material and apply it to the roof surface using the mobile facilities. The equipment used operates under high pressure

Main benefits of polyurethane foam roofing:

Long service life, which results from the high-quality operating properties. Moreover, polyurethane is UV resistant
Cost-efficiency –installation of the sprayed roof eliminates the need to lay several types of materials to provide steam-, hydro- and thermal insulation. The high-tech roof coating replaces them all
Lightweight– the material doesn’t increase the weight of the roof. Assuming that the width of the insulating cover is 1.18 in, the roof load doesn’t exceed 71 lb/ft. Therefore, polyurethane is also used in the construction of new/old buildings
Fire protection – the material has good fire resistance (even when exposed to open fire). It is because polyurethane contains particular substances added during the production line
The comfort of use – polyurethane is suitable for spraying over old insulation (which doesn’t impair the quality of the new one). The spraying creates a high-quality waterproofing membrane of the required thickness
Fast and professional installation – given that you hire qualified specialists. Our company masters process about 500-600 m2 of the roof surface in one working day

Our extensive experience allows us to solve tasks of any complexity. Please call us at any time (the contact details are available on the website). We will perform the installation/repair of a spray polyurethane foam roof at an affordable price. We provide a long-term warranty for all types of work.


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